Past Members


  In summer semester 2017 Ruijie Ye has successfully completed his chemistry Master thesis entitled "Organics in Ionic Liquids for Energy Storage".
  In summer semester 2017 Alexander Zang has successfully completed his chemistry Bachelor thesis entitled "Funktionalisierung des Elektrodenmaterials von Vanadium Redox Flow Batterien".
  Our guest scientist Dr. DongKyu Kim,
on leave from Seoul National University,
got an Assistant Professorship at
... University in Seoul,
starting from 1st of September 2017

In summer semester 2018 Kevin Staudt has successfully completed his chemistry Bachelor thesis entitled "State-of-Charge Determination in the VanadiumRedoxFlow Battery

    In summer semester 2018 Ammar Tatlisu has successfully completed his master thesis entitled "Investigation of water-in-IL electzrolytes for supercaüpacitors"
    In August 2019, after 3 years of successful research at TSE, Yonglai Zhang got his PhD degree.
    In September 2020, after 4 years of successful. reserach at TSE, Zhifeng Huang got his PhD degree.


TSE offers the possibility – under the academic responsibility of Faculty NT of Saarland University – to carry out scientific qualification theses in the field of Sustainable Electrochemistry.

Master theses take 6 months, PhD theses usually 3 years. Academic supervisor and contact person is Prof. Hempelmann (, senior professor at Saarland University.

Also a habilitation is in progress in TSE right now.

Guest scientists and interns from all over the world are welcome in TSE any time; for their further carrier in academia or industry they can gain valuable experiences by working in TSE. This is in particular true since energy transformation and storage have a scientifically and technically promising future in today´s time of worldwide energy transformation, not only "German Energiewende". 

The work language in TSE is English.

TSE is proud to promote young scientists; TSE considers this as its most important output criterion.