Human Resources


TSE offers the possibility – under the academic responsibility of Faculty NT of Saarland University – to carry out scientific qualification theses in the field of Sustainable Electrochemistry.

At present 1 diploma thesis, 2 master theses and 5 PhD theses are in progress. Master theses take 6 months, PhD theses usually 3 years. Academic supervisor and contact person is Prof. Hempelmann (, senior professor at Saarland University.

Also a habilitation is in progress in TSE right now.

Guest scientists and interns from all over the world are welcome in TSE any time; for their further carrier in academia or industry they can gain valuable experiences by working in TSE. This is in particular true since energy transformation and storage have a scientifically and technically promising future in today´s time of worldwide energy transformation, not only "German Energiewende". 

The work language in TSE is English.

TSE is proud to promote young scientists; TSE considers this as its most important output criterion.